Friday, May 8, 2009

Alan Keyes to attend Notre Dame Commencement (But Not How You Think)

Right-wing politician and suspected African-American Alan Keyes has announced that he will be attending Notre Dame's commencement May 17. Except he won't be there to support President Obama. He intends to join the protest against Obama, a noted politician and baby-killer. Notre Dame's choice of Obama to deliver the commencement address has been a flashpoint lately, as Catholics are opposed to abortion as a condition of membership. So far, noone has drawn parallels to George W. Bush's commencement address, which should have drawn controversy since, as governor of Texas, Bush presided over the execution of death-row inmates. Bush even went ahead with the execution of an inmate despite a last-minute plea from the Pope. Apparently, the Catholic respect for life begins with conception and ends with conviction.

Read more about Keyes' batshit-crazy plans at Wonkette.

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