Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time Out

I took a couple days off. I know that's suicide in blogworld, but then again, I never was one to play by the rules. So what's been going on? Well, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake debuted their sequel to "Dick in a Box", titled "Mother Lover" on SNL over the weekend. Funny shit, and it's gotten people discussing whether J.T. will be one of Saturday Night Live's best hosts, on the list with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. I think Timberlake is an extremely talented young man: his voice is the best I've heard in years; his acting chops have been proved in "Alpha Dog" and "Black Snake Moan"; he has shown an enthusiasm for poking fun at himself; still, to put him in a league with Steve Martin may be a bit premature. The fact that J.T. doesn't take himself too seriously is encouraging, something we see less and less in celebrities.

What else? Well, Dick Cheney is wasting no time in trying to discredit our President. Ironic, considering that anyone who dared criticize the Bush "Administration" was branded a traitor. Moreover, it is unprofessional, unprecedented, and unconscionable for a former Vice President or President to smear a sitting President. Even Bill Clinton held his tongue, which is saying a lot about Clinton. What really strikes me about all this is Cheney's complete honesty about using torture on prisoners. He has just admitted to war crimes on his part and on the part of George Bush, and nobody seems to find this offensive. This can no longer be swept under the rug. An investigation must take place, and Democrats and Republicans who were made aware of these tactics should be found complicit and punished. I am seriously disappointed in President Obama for his reticence to launch an inquiry.

That's all for now kids.

Yours for the greater good,

Dale Howard Swinehart

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